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The team was prepared for everything and definitely rocked it. Even though it was hectic again, the atmosphere was great and in the end the result was once again top.

At Lenzelot, we work as a team to provide the best possible service to our customers. We carefully plan our work and make sure that all tasks are carried out perfectly. This is the only way we can offer our customers the highest quality.


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"Hamilton" is a musical masterpiece that has taken the world by storm. The story of American founding father Alexander Hamilton is brought to life through incredible music and lyrics, and has been praised by audiences and critics alike.


The German translation of "Hamilton" is a work of art that has caused a sensation in the German musical theatre scene. The translation is incredibly faithful to the original, and the music and lyrics are just as powerful in German. "Hamilton" is a must-see for all musical theatre lovers, and is sure to leave a lasting impression. Thank you, Frau Friedrich Tejero, for bringing this incredible musical to German audiences!





In just 48 hours, Laura Friedrich Tejero and her team have managed to shoot an amazing short film. Everything had to be planned and executed quickly and under high pressure - but the result is impressive.


With breathtaking images and a gripping story, the film has captivated the audience. It is really impressive what is possible in such a short time if you are only creative and professional.


This short film is a real highlight and a great success for the entire team. We can't wait to see more from Laura Friedrich Tejero and her incredible talent.


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